This is Us


Our Vision

Adoption has always been close to my heart. After many years of prayer, I felt a call to action when a best friend of mine, chose adoption and started her journey. After spending time learning about the process she was experiencing, and the hardships, I began to realize why there are so many children still in the system, just waiting to feel whole and to experience the love of a family. Adopting a child in America is a HUGE expense, mainly due to agency and legal fees. We wanted to come up with an idea to make a difference.


The Spark

I began to wonder how many families out there may be experiencing the same thing. How can I even begin to tear down this wall? And thus,

The Small H.U.M.A.N. Project was born.

Helping Us Manage Adoption Nationwide

I thought, if people are willing to give with their hearts, we can change the futures of these families and children. If more people knew how easy it can be, maybe their knowledge would overpower their fear.


How Can You Help?

Donate Now! All of the funds donated to and raised by The Small Human Project, will go directly to help fund domestic adoption. 

Sign up via email  to get the latest news and look for EVENTS near you to help raise money for the cause. 

You CAN help kids get out of Children's homes and Foster Care and into a home of their own.  

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts,

Kristin and Vinny Pisani